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  • Mobile game with AR location based gameplay and hyper casual style code breaking tasks.
  • Immersing players (operatives) in a metaverse that bridges the virtual and physical worlds, DEFY fuses hyper casual code breaking gameplay, learn-to-earn elements, real world exploration and AR adventures.
  • DEFY game studio is located in Singapore at 38 North Canal Road.
  • The game launched on 14 April and is playable now (closed beta).

Full Description


DEFY is a revolutionary location based RPG mobile game. Immersing players (Operatives) in a metaverse that bridges the virtual and physical worlds, DEFY fuses hyper casual code breaking gameplay, learn-to-code elements, real world exploration and AR adventures.

DEFY will launch with both premium and free-to-play user pathways, which will greatly enhance user acquisition and retention.

DEFY taps into pop culture to create a rich Player vs Environment (PvE) narrative that has operatives joining a revolutionary hacker organisation with the mission of keeping the metaverse open and out of the control of the evil tech oligarchy, Future Systems. As the game evolves, factions and Player vs Player (PvP) elements will add to the longevity of the game and complexity of the peer-to-peer economy.


Our goal is to revolutionise move to earn gaming while reinventing the P&E player lifestyle by making their time spent in the game worthwhile by providing opportunities to:

  • Earn a decent living and graduate from their scholarship
  • Move their body, improve their health and explore their world
  • Learn the basics of coding and other valuable skills


DEFY Leadership Team

BEN PEMBER - Co-Founder

Ben is an experienced entrepreneur with backgrounds in the sport and technology industries. After leaving IMG, Ben initially founded Exceed Sports & Entertainment in 2013, building an award winning regional business focussed on developing health & lifestyle event IP. In 8 years Exceed has hosted 32 events in 10 countries with over 500,000 attendees. Making a move into the world of technology, Ben co-founded District Technologies in 2017, building a team that has built and scaled highly successful B2C & B2B location based, gamified fitness mobile apps. Ben brings a strong commercial focus to the business having secured multi million dollar partnerships with global brands such as adidas, Redbull and MasterCard.


Tom has over 15 years experience across institutional investment, specialising in funds management and trading. Most recently focused on technology investment, leading company and project strategy and development enabling institutionalisation of crypto markets. Tom has founded and run his own B2C business and is currently focused on working with businesses that are incorporating blockchain and in particular the crypto, nft and gaming space looking to help develop the 'institutional bridge' as the traditional markets continue their adoption journey.

MICHAEL MCCLENAGHAN - Co-Founder / Technical Lead

Michael co-founded technology start-up District Technologies in 2017, and joined the team as Chief Technologies Officer. He had previously co-founded VR startup Lightweave Technologies in Australia. He has a passion for working with bleeding edge technologies such as VR/AR and blockchain, and using them to deliver true value and utility beyond market hype. Michael holds a degree in computer science with distinction from the Queensland University of Technology, and has successfully led engineering teams to deliver high value deals to clients over the past 10 years.

Brent Maxwell - CEO

Brent is a passionate executive leader and founder with primary expertise in technology and SaaS product development. After working across small, medium and large enterprises, Brent focused in recent years on company-building, and moved on from his own successful startup to move into the more progressive world of web3 immersive experiences.

Want to join the team?

We're looking for crazy passionate people who want to build games and experiences that open up the creator economy and encourage people to get outside and move around in the real world.



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